Tourist Spots of Goa: Ordinarily, Goa is the state of India but you can also take as one of the best tourist attractions of India. Many peoples of India and even many foreigners like to spend their vacations here because it has the most popular and a large number of beaches where you can enjoy luxurious places with your both family and friends. As of population, this beachful state is the fourth-smallest state in India. The formation of this amazing state happened on May 30, 1987. The largest city of this beachful state is Vasco da Gama and the capital is Panaji. Today, I’m going to talk about the Top-20 Tourist Spots of Goa.  In your entire life, you must take a trip and I’ll guarantee you that you enjoyed it a lot.
1- Calangute Beach 6- Dudhsagar Falls
2- Water Sports in Goa 7- Cruise in Goa
3- Basilica of Bom Jesus 8- Dona Paula
4- Baga Beach 9- Anjuna Beach
5- Fort Aguada 10- Thalassa

Top-10 Tourist Spots Of Goa

10- Thalassa



Thalassa is one of the beautiful places of Goa where you can enjoy the great restaurants, foods and drinks, sunsets and live events which make the Thalassa quite awesome! The popular dishes of Thalassa are Mediterranean Prawns, Feta Saganaki and Kleftiko. Here available white decor chairs, enormous wooden shelters, cane furniture, and many more. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Goa.

9- Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach


This is a beautiful and charming beach located in the village of Anjuna which is situated in Goa. From Panaji, the beach is situated 21 km. This is a major tourist attraction in Goa. In Goa, you can enjoy here Chapora Fort and Anjuna’s Flea Market. Anjuna Beach drags a lot of attraction from the tourists in night clubs, watersports, flea markets, and more in this category.

8- Dona Paula

Dona Paula


Formerly, it is a village in Goa but now it is a beach and popular tourist destination in Goa. Many popular hotels and luxury resorts are situated in this area. Here, available the view of rocks from the exotic sea is also very amazing! The beautiful statue of a young girl and Dona Paula are also present here. The true love story has happened here if you want to know then I’m telling you in short that the girl Dona Paula is a daughter of Portuguese Viceroy Dona Paula de Menezes was fell in deep love with the fisherman but when her father heard about that he got angry but she didn’t live without that fisherman but his father didn’t agree with this that is why she jumped herself in the Arabian Sea and she died by drowning then the love story was ended with this! This place is filled with tourists or foreign visitors in tourist season. In my opinion, you can visit this place.

7- Cruise in Goa

Cruise in Goa


The nightlife of the cruise in Goa is very awesome! and even in many other countries or cities also. The cruise of Goa also drags a lot of attraction from the visitors. You can enjoy a lot of numbers cruise here like nightlife cruises, backwater cruises, casino cruise, evening cruise, and many more. Your children can enjoy it here, they can play electronic games here.

6- Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls


Dudhsagar falls are very glorious waterfalls in God and this is one of the tallest falls of India. The fall is situated inside the Mollem National Park and 60 km from the capital of Goa. This stunning fall is 310 km high ordinarily it is called the sea of milk because it seems like a heavy flow of milk falling from the top of the hill and comes slowly & slowly to the down of the hill. It is a charming tourist attraction of Goa and many visitors like to visit this place.

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5- Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada


This amazing structure is a 17th-century Portuguese Fort which is situated in Goa. The fort is standing in front of the Arabian Sea and Sinquerium beach with a lighthouse. In 1612, the fort is built. Its nearly situated lighthouse gives a very beautiful view from the sunset. The upper and lower view of this stunning fort is awesome!

4- Baga Beach

Baga Beach


This unique name beach is situated in the parts of North Goa. Baga Beach is a beach which is situated near the above mentioned Calangute beach and this beach is one of the famous beaches in North Goa. The beach also provides few water sports like diving, kneeboarding, paragliding, and more. It is a very popular tourist destination of North Goa that’s why it is the beach which is visited by thousands of visitors in a year. You can watch the people of Goa talking in the language i.e Konkani, it is said that this is the official language of Baga.

3- Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus


Basilica of Bom Jesus is a very amazing and historical church which is situated in Goa. This historical church acknowledged a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is sanctified in 1605. The historic church is built in 1594. This historic church has come in one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the world. Here the present courtyard drags a lot of attraction from visitors. Relic and Vestments of St. Francis Xavier are also present here. You can come here and made some wishes hope it will be completed soon as early as possible.

2- Water Sports in Goa

Water Sports in Goa


Water sports in Goa are popular all over the world. If foreigners or Indians come here then they must take the few water sports. Some water sports are quite interesting but few are also risky. I didn’t know how people can do that with so easily and in my opinion, the reason for this question is that they really enjoyed it a lot. Visitors can take the enjoyment of kite surfing, snorkeling, kneeboarding, paragliding, diving, parasailing, and many more. Bunch of these sports gains a real attraction of Goa tourism.

1- Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach


Calangute Beach is a very glorious and charming beach situated in North Goa. This beach will a perfect choice if you want to take the feeling of nightlife like heaven, it gives that nicely. In Calangute beach, you can also experience the coconut and palm trees. Calangute beach comes in one of the Top-10 bathing beaches in the entire world. For its beautifulness and uniqueness, this beach is popularly known as the “Queen of Beaches”. You can also enjoy here the best variety of foods, budget hotels, and luxury items. This beach have perfect in all that it requires your all needs and wants. Calangute Beach also provides you a lot number of activities like sightseeing, shopping and you can also play a few water sports here.

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So that is the Top-10 Tourist Spots of Goa! Which one of these tourist spots did you like most? I hope you like this! How did you feel after reading my post and which topic do you want me to post next? Tell me in the comment section.


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