Best Places To Visit In California: Well! in our entire world there is no one who doesn’t want to visit the United States. You and me everyone wants to visit this place at least once in our whole life. But very few people get this opportunity. If you are one of them, you are very welcome in my post. All the states of the United States are so crowdy and mysterious.
California is one of those states. California is a very popular and beautiful state in the United States. There are too many tourist attractions in California but in those, I’m selected some most popular tourist attractions which gonna share with you guys. So, today I’m going to tell you the Top-10 Best Places To Visit In California, You Must Take A Trip…

10- Glacier Point

Glacier Point


Glacier Point gives the awesome scene above Yosemite Valley. In summer, it brings the small waterfalls when the snow is deliquescing.  It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in California. Glacier Point is quite a crowded place. You can derive this park as the most popular trail of Yosemite. The best time for visiting the place is early spring. It is the most famous tourist destination in summer when the ice softens. You can enjoy this Glacier Point viz hiking, stargazing, birdwatching, snowboarding, skiing and many more. You can visit this place if you go to California in the summer.

9- McWay Falls

McWay Falls


McWay Falls is a beautiful and glorious 24m waterfall in California and most famous in the best places to visit in California. It is situated on the coast of Big Sur. This waterfall comes in the category of Tide falls. There are only two waterfalls present in California, one is McWay Falls and the other is Alamere Falls. It gives an amazing view when waterfalls into the ocean. McWay Fall is settled in the hearts of visitors for the glorious view. The tourist of the McWay Falls never forgets to capture its beautiful view. It is situated 10 minutes’ walking distance from the parking. If you want to see the glorious waterfall in California then maybe it’s your first choice.

8- Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park


It is a popular and glorious national park situated near Palm Springs. In 1936, firstly, it is considered a national monument and in 1994, it is proclaimed as a National Park. Joshua Tree National Park gains popularity with these including Rock climbing and hiking. The park attracts more than 2.8 million visitors every day. The park charges entrance fee for vehicle $30 and for individuals $15.
Here available superclear desert night sky makes truly outstanding. The park is comprised of two recognizable deserts- the Mojave and Sonoran. The preeminent attraction of the major park is Joshua Trees. The family leisure parks contain enormous rock formations and repetitive garden areas they both make this park amazing.

7- Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes


Mammoth Lakes is basically a populated town. It is situated in Mono County, California. Numerous popular films like Thundering Hoofs, The Trai Beyond, Knights of the Range, Sierra Sue, Rose Marie and many more have been shooted here. The town furnishes many tourist attractions like Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, The Sherwin Range, Devils Post Pile National Monument and many more. You can take the chance here if you’re a person who is interested in skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling but only for sale and rent.

6- Anaheim



Well, it is a city in California. Anaheim is very beautiful and the tenth most populous city in California. In 1857, by fifty German families, the city was established. Anaheim Resort is an amazing resort which is surrounding Disneyland. There is also a wide museum that is present in Anaheim named Muzeo which resembles the sculptures and statues. The main and popular tourist attractions are Anaheim which settled in the hearts of tourists are Anaheim convention center, Anaheim Garden Walk, Anaheim Founder’s Park, Anaheim Ice, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Disney resort and Oak Canyon Natural Center, La Palma Park, Honda Center and many more.

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5- Palm Springs

Palm Springs


It is a very popular and glorious desert resort city in California. It is a family and friend leisure area where you can enjoy golf, swimming, biking, tennis, hiking, and man more. If you go to Palm Springs this month November or November to March then you can enjoy triple time than other months. It is a very popular tourist and winter snowbird destination. You can also enjoy here delicious restaurants. It provides various beautiful parks for the public like DeMuth Park, Baristo Park, Desert Healthcare (wellness) Park, Sunrise Park, Dog Park, Frances Stevens Park, and Victoria Park and many more.

4- San Diego

San Diego


San Diego is another city in California that is very popular and provides too many facilities for the people of California. I’m in love with the name of the city which is very unique and pronunciation is too good. It is the 8th largest city in the United States and San Diego is also 2nd largest city of California. The 8th largest city is established on July 16, 1769. This popular city is also called ‘the birthplace of California’.
According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the city has come into one of the Top-10 Best Climates. The city also provides a zoo name San Diego Zoo. It also provides many popular museums like the San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Museum of Man, the San Diego Air & Space Museum, etc.

3- Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara


The city is very popular for its population. In 2018, it is approximately 91,350 that makes Santa Barbara the 2nd most populous city but the 1st is Santa Maria. The city is a very famous and beautiful city in California. Storms are found in Santa Barbara in Winter Season after which it converted into a heavy rainfall. If you visit Santa Barbara in summer then you don’t face the rain because the city is rainless in Summer. The main and popular attractions of Santa Barbara are Samarkand, the waterfront, San Roque, The Riviera, The Mesa, Missin Canyon, Santa Barbara Harbor, Stearns Wharf and many more.
The city also provides a zoo name Santa Barbara Zoo. If you’re a person who wants to see amazing then it also provides numerous museums where you can discover some glorious things. Santa Barbara Museums of Art is very famous in California, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Reagan Ranch Center and many more. It has many family leisure areas and parks like Alameda Park, Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, Butterfly beach, Elings Park and many more.

2- Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park


It is a beautiful and American National Park. It is in Central California. In 1984, Park acknowledged a World Heritage Site. You can love this park because it is the greatest example of nature and God creators. It has clear streams, waterfalls, groves, lakes mountains, glaciers, meadows, granite cliffs and many more. This park is moderated by Sierra National Forest and Stanislaus National Forest on the Southeast and northwest respectively.
It attracts approximately 4 million tourists in a year. The tourists enjoyed and spend their most time in Yosemite Valley. In 2016, it attracts approximately 5 million that makes the record in the first time of its history. In my opinion, you have to visit this place. Many movies are also shot in Yosemite National Park like The Last of the Mohicans, Maverick, and StarTrek V: The Final Frontier.

1- San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area


San Francisco Bay Area is a very popular and of the Top-10 best places to visit in California. It is also famous by the name Bay Area. It included many cities, airports, towns, state and national parks. It is the world’s 41st largest urban area. For living in the U.S, it is one of the most precious or said to be expensive places. It provides a lot of jobs. If you want to live or settle in the Bay Area then there is no trouble for a job, you can easily get the job if you’re worth it for that job.
Bay Area provides 3.6 million jobs in 2016. It has many colleges and universities, you don’t face the problem of education. Here, Golden Gate is adorable and drags a lot of attraction from the tourists. It has a lot of species of marine birds, you can able to see western burrowing owls, Bald Eagles, White-tailed Kite, Osprey, and Swain son’s hawk.

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