Tourist Attractions In Chicago: Chicago is filled with too many visitors attractions. Chicago is a major tourist attraction in the United States. As you know that Chicago is also called “Windy City”. Chicago lies on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is widely popular as the charming arts, vibrant shopping, various cultural attractions, sculptures, paintings, and architecture. You can also enjoy here beautiful beaches and it also has a sporting area. So, today I’m going to talk about the Top-10 Tourist Attractions In Chicago. Let’s quickly read with the table below-
1- Millennium Park 6- Chicago Water Tower
2- Art Institute of Chicago 7- Museum of Science and Industry
3- Buckingham Fountain 8- The Rookery Building
4- Navy Pier 9- 360 Chicago
5- Willis Tower Skydeck 10- Field Museum of Natural History

The Top-10 Tourist Attractions In Chicago, You Must Take A Trip

10- Field Museum Of Natural History

Field Museum of Natural History


The Field Museum of Natural History is a great historical museum in Chicago. It is also known by the name The Field Museum. It contains several collections and exhibitions. The majority is called the Columbian Museum. The museum is opened in 1893. The world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton is present here. It contains approximately 20 million artifacts.

Address- 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Official Site- Field Museum of Natural History

9- 360 Chicago

360 Chicago


360 Chicago is also known as 875 North Michigan Avenue. It is formerly called the John Hancock Center. It is a 100 story building. It is a very tall skyscraper in Chicago. You will be shocked by hearing this that it is built in just 4 years. The construction was started in 1965 and it is completed in 1969. It is architected by Fazlur Rahman Khan, Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. 360 Chicago was the second-tallest building in the world. Now, it is the fourth-tallest building in Chicago. The view of the tower at the time of sunset is so amazing!

Address- 875 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- 9 AM to 11 PM

Official Site- 360 Chicago

8- The Rookery Building

The Rookery Building


The Rookery Building is a very charming 12-story building in Chicago which is totally built as a historic office building situated in 209 South Lasalle Street in Chicago. It is a square-shaped building that looks quite glorious. The building is architected by Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root. It is started to built-in 1886 and completed in 1888. The building is 181 ft approximately 55 m tall, it contains 12 stories. In the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, this building is featured.

Address- 209 South Lasalle Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- Mon-Fri: 6 AM-6 PM, Sat- 8 AM-2 PM, Sun- Closed

Official Site- The Rookery Building

7- Museum Of Science And Industry

Museum of Science and Industry


It is shortly known as MSI. This is a science museum where you can find some equipment, statues, sculptures, paintings, and many more. The museum is situated in Jackson Park. MSI is opened in 1933. It is visited by over 1.5 million visitors in a year. Since 1998, the president and CEO of this museum are David Mosena. It is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. This is a very charming place where you can enjoy some exhibitions and make some fun.

Address- 5700 South Lake Shore Drive (at East 57th street), Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- 10 AM-5 PM daily

Official Site- MSI

6- Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Water Tower


Chicago Water Tower is a historical water tower situated in the old Chicago Water Tower District. This tower is named in the National Register of Historic Places. This tower is built-in 1869. This tower currently serves as the Chicago office of the Tourism art gallery which is called the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower. It contains several fine works of local photographers, filmmakers, and artists. Chicago Water Tower is the second-oldest water tower in the United States. it is totally built with yellowing Lemont limestone architected by William W. Boyington. This is 55m tall approximately 182.5 feet.

Address- 806 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- Mon-Fri: 10 AM-7 PM, Sat-Sun: 10 AM-5 PM

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5- Willis Tower Sky Deck

Willis Tower Skydeck


Formerly, it is known as Sears Tower. This is a very charming skyscraper in Chicago. It is 442.1 m long and contains 110 stories. The construction of this skyscraper is started in 1970 and completed in 1973. It is one of the tallest buildings in Chicago and also in the entire world. The architecture of this skyscraper are Skidmore, Fazlur Rahman Khan, Owings and Merrill, and Bruce Graham, they give this Willis Tower Skydeck a beautiful construction. Mainly, it is the third tallest building in the United States. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Chicago which is visited by over 1 million people in a year.

Address- 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- April- Sep: 9 AM-10 PM, Oct-Mar: 10 AM-8 PM

Official Website- Willis Tower Skydeck

4- Navy Pier

Navy Pier


Navy Pier is a beautiful tourist attraction in Chicago. It is very glorious in all aspects. The height of this Pier is a 3,300 foot long approximately 1,010 m which is built in 1916 by the architecture Charles S, Frost, E.C. Shankland. The pier also provides some facilities like parks, shops, restaurants, gardens, and many more. It is a family leisure area where you can enjoy a lot with your family. Totally, 2 million tourists visit this pier in a year. Navy Pier is titled by the most visited tourist attraction of Chicago. You can also enjoy here musical carousel and USS Chicago anchor.

Address- 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- Mon-Thu: 10 AM- 8 PM, Fri-Sat: 10 AM- 10 PM

Official Site- Navy Pier

3- Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain


Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest fountains in the entire world. This beautiful park is situated in the center of Grant Park which is also quite attractive. At the time of winter, the fountain also provides its presence with beautiful festival lights. The park features many shows and movies. It is a very beautiful park, you must visit in your life. This glorious park is built-in 1927.

Address- Located in Grant Park

2- Art Institute Of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago


It is basically a museum in Chicago which is very charming and provides the visitors all the popular sculptures, statues, paintings. Art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest and largest art museums in Chicago. Over 1.5 million visitors visit this place in a year. Its main collections are African Art and Indian Art of the Americas, Ancient and Byzantine, Architecture and Design, European Decorative Arts, Modern and Contemporary Art, and many more. Over 300,000 works are present in the Art Museum of Chicago. The museum is founded in 1879.

Address- 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- Mon-Wed: 10:30 AM-5 PM, Thu- 10:30 AM-8 PM, Fri-Sun: 10:30 AM-5 PM

Official Site- Art Institute of Chicago

1- Millennium Park

Millennium Park


It is ordinarily a public park in all aspects which provides several facilities to the visitors. The glorious park is situated in the Loop community area of Chicago. The park is managed by MB Real Estate. Firstly, Navy Pier is considered to be the top tourist attraction of Chicago but after some time Millennium Park is considered to be the number one tourist attraction of Chicago. The park is opened on July 16, 2004, and it attracts  25 million visitors in a year.

Address- 201 East Randolph St, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Opening Hours- Daily 6 AM to 11 PM

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Chicago is one of the best places to visit, so in my opinion, you must take a trip! So it is the Top-10 Tourist Attractions of Chicago! I hope you like this. Which one of the Top-10 Tourist Attraction of Chicago did you like most? How did you feel after reading my post and which topic do you want me to post next? Tell me in the Comment Section.

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