Royal Ontario Museum: Museums are loved by everyone because where you can explore some new things. You can surely hear about Toronto but in this post, I,m going to talk about the Royal Ontario Museum. This is a very beautiful and glorious destination where you enjoyed a lot with your family because it is a family leisure place. I also made a post on The Field Museum of Natural History which is also the popular museum of Chicago. You can come here if you ever go to Toronto, I’ll be guaranteed you that you enjoyed a lot! So let us know about the Royal Ontario Museum.

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum is shortly known as the ROM. It is a huge and glorious museum of art and natural history. It is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Many years ago, it is established on April 16, 1912. This glorious park attracts more than 1 million visitors in a year. For that reason for its highest number of visitors, it is the most visited museum in Canada. ROM is the largest museum in Canada and also one of the largest museums in North America. The Government of Ontario owned this largest museum. Basically, the ROM is inaugurated on March 19, 1914. For sharing a few resources, The ROM has closely maintained the relationship with the University of Toronto. Now, at that time this museum is the largest field-research institution in Canada.


ROM Collections


Over 6 million collections are present here and 40 galleries are also present here. The museum has a huge collection of different varieties like fine art, clothing items, interior designs, product design, dinosaurs, meteorites, and minerals. It also has a huge variety of European & Canadian historical artifacts, Near Eastern African and East Asian Art.

ROM Galleries

ROM Gallery


There are only 5 wide galleries present at the ROM. They are Archaeology, Geology, Palaeontology, Zoology, and Mineralogy. It’s all galleries are so beautiful. About 200 artifacts are situated in The Patrica Harries Gallery of Costumes and Textiles which include a wide range of costume and textile collections. These designs are established due to the allowances of the economy, social customers, and survival. It has a large variety of needlework, printed archeological textiles, weaving, and silks, etc. It has numerous galleries where you can interact with the item and you gonna love that. The ROM also includes the Institute of Contemporary Culture Gallery, Natural History Galleries, World Culture Galleries.


The ROM is also featured in several television shows like Zoboomafoo, flash point, dinosaurs, and many more. One of the novels Calculating God by the author Rober J.Sawyer was also set in the museum and there are a few novels that were also set here.

Address- 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario

Inaugurated in- March 19, 1914

Official Site- ROM


This is one of the charming museums in Toronto. I hope you like this highlight of the ROM. How did you feel after reading my post and which topic do you want me to post next? Tell me in the Comment Section.

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