Field Museum Of Natural History: Today I,m going to take you to the amazing destination of Chicago where you can explore some new things. The name of that destination, you surely know about the title but rather than I’m going to tell you that in this post you’ll learn about some interesting points of The Field Museum. So let’s quickly read that below.

Field Museum Of Natural History

Also called The Field Museum, shortly known as FMNH is a natural history museum in Chicago. It is one of the largest museums in the world. It attracts over 2 million visitors in a year. 127 years ago, in 1893 it is established. The Field Museum was built in 1921. Its main architecture who made this awesome museum are William Pierce, Anderson of Graham, Probst & White, and Anderson. There are over 24 million objects and specimens are present. It also contains a library that has more than 275,000 books, photos, journals, and many more.
Field Museum of Natural History


Its Gallery

There are so many things present in the Museum which are quite interesting and amazing too. Here, available North Entrance is so glorious. The aerial view of this museum is so vibrant. There are numerous types of structures and statues of animals are also present like Patagotitan ‘Maximo’ and Elephant Diorama. McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab, the recreation of Papeete street, lifesize display of forest have also dragged the attraction of visitors.


The collections are quite interesting. Its many collections are ranked or listed in Top-10 Collections in the world. The fish collection, the bird skin collection, the mollusk collection.

Address- 1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Built-in- 1921

Official Site- Field Museum Of Natural History


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