Yalgaar Carry Minati: The popular and loving YouTuber Carry Minati comes back with his new rap song “Yalgaar” and again put that YouTube v/s Tik Tok battle spark. His latest song lyrics like “Ek Kahani Hai Jo Sabki Sunani Hai, Jalne wale Ki Toh Rooh Bhi Jalani Hai.” He put the great target on YouTube for deleting his YouTube video and also go on to target all those Tik Tok or YouTube creators who find his content unpleasant. He also shares that he continually roasts. He said his iconic dialogue that “Carry Roast Karega”. Now, he is a No.1 YouTube individual creator that achieves 20.5 Million subscribers and he also defeated Amit Bhadana ( ex- No.1 YouTube individual creator that currently has 20.4 Million subscribers).
After uploading this emotion-filled rap song he gained 19 Million views, 4 Million likes, and 786k comments within 14 hours and his video became #1 trending on YouTube. Carry also has been trending on Twitter after sharing this fire rap song.
Carry Minati

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As you know that this YouTube v/s Tik Tok battle starts from where when Elvish Yadav uploads a roast video on big creators of Tik Tok on his another channel Elvish Yadav Vlogs. After that one of the popular creator of Tik Tok Amir Siddiqui comes in support and take stand and make an IGTV video on Instagram for supporting them and showing the unity in his Tik Tok community. After that, the great battle YouTube v/s Tik Tok starts. After few days Carry uploaded a roast video on his YouTube channel and then the history was created. His video became the #1 on trending and getting the most-watched video on YouTube India. That roasting video achieves the crown of the most liked video.
And then after a few times, YouTube deleted the video of Carry Minati by saying that it has violated YouTube’s terms of service. After that, his fans became very angry, and to gain justice for Carry, his fans reduced the rating of Tik Tok of Play Store in India. His fans want that Tik Tok should be ban in India. But some time YouTube v/s Tik Tok battle paused a bit.
But from June 5, 2020, Carry fires YouTube v/s Tik Tok battle again. He started his most wanted video for his fans with his stunning dialogue “To Kaise Hai Aap Log”. He comes back with his rap song to pouring out his emotions in the song. Now it will be quite interesting to see what will happen next?

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