Oldest Language In The World: If we want to talk, we have to use a language but it totally depends on you that which language you prefer or want to speak. Today, the world has filled with so many uncountable languages that are spoken in different countries but which is the oldest language then the answer is Tamil. Tamil is the oldest language in the world which is discovered 5000 years ago. But the easiest and comfortable language is English which is easy to speak and this language is familiar to all people in the entire world. Today, in this post, I’m going to talk about the Top-12 Oldest Languages in the world that are still used. Let’s quickly read with the table below-
1- Tamil (5000 years old) 7- Hebrew (3000 years old)
2- Sanskrit (5000 years old) 8- Greek (2900 years old)
3- Egyptian (5000 years old) 9- Farsi (2500 years old)
4- Lithuanian (5000 years old) 10- Basque (2200 years old)
5- Chinese (6000 years old) 11- Irish Gaelic (1500 years old)
6- Arabic (1500 years old) 12- Icelandic (1200 years old)

Top-12 Oldest Languages in the world

12- Icelandic (1200 years old)


Source- qz.com

This phenomenal language is the national language of Iceland. It has over 330,000 speakers. This oldest language is also spoken in some portion of the USA, Canada, and Denmark. The language is interconnected with Western Norwegian and Faroese. The speakers of this language are capable to read classic Old noise. From the time of 1915, on Nov 16 (the birthday of 19th-century poet Jonas Hallgrimsson), Icelandic language day is celebrated.

11- Irish Gaelic (1500 years old) 

Irish Gaelic

Source- youtube.com

This is the historical language which is originated in Ireland. It is the official language of Ireland. It has 276,000 speakers in the entire world. This language is also known as Gaelic, Irish, or Erse. The language is interconnected to Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Breton languages, Welsh and Manx. This is the very finest and easiest language as compare to others that is why you can learn this language easily.

10- Basque (2200 years old)


Source- omniglot.com

The basque language is mostly spoken in the Basque country and it is also spoken in Spain and France by a very small population. It has over 1 million speakers. This is the official language of the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre. The Basque language is a very mysterious language that is why no one can find their roots from where this mysterious language was originated. It is said that this language is subsisted in Europe before the advent of Romance languages.

9- Farsi (2500 years old)


Source- indiamart.com

Farsi is popularly known as the Persian language. This language is the popularly official language spoken as an Iranian Persian, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Around 800 CE, the modern Persian come out and began the official language of above mentioned three countries. The speakers of this Farsi language can speak this vibrant language with less difficulty as compared to English speakers.

8- Greek (2900 years old)


Source- greeka.com

It is a very old language and also a self-reliant branch of the Indo European. From the Phoenician script, its alphabet was developed. As of 2012 estimation, this language has 13.4 Million native speakers in the Mediterranean world, the Greek was broadly spoken lingua franca. It serves as one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. This language holds the official language of two countries viz Greece and Cyprus. It also has native speakers in Albania, Greek, and Turkey.

7- Hebrew (3000 years old)


Source- jpost.com

Hebrew is the language that was spoken by more than 9 million people across the world. It is the only Canaanite language that is still spoken worldwide. As Modern Hebrew, it holds the official language of Israel. Over 7 million people speak this language fluently without taking any stoppage. This liturgical language is influenced by other Jewish languages in a lot of ways. In Biblical Hebrew, most of the Hebrew Bible is written. From around 1200 to 586 BCE, in that period, this language is a spoken language in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

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6- Arabic (1500 years old)


Source- universeofmemory.com

It is a very sacred language. The Arabic language is the most popular and spoken language after English and French. It is spoken by over 260 million people across the world. Its standard form is Modern Standard Arabic. It is the official language of 26 states and also of 1 territory. The language is broadly taught to students in schools or universities. Arabic is the ritualistic language of the religion of ‘Islam’ and also their holy books the Quran, and Hadith are also written in this language. Arabic is the one that originated in many languages like Urdu and Malay.

5- Chinese (6000 years old)


Source- asiasociety.com

Chinese is a quite popular language whereas it is the language which is spoken by 16% of the population in the entire world. 1.2 billion people speak Chinese language but many of them serve as their first language. This is the official language of different countries like the Republic of China, Singapore, and Taiwan. In 1956, its written script was published. The early forms of Chinese language are old Chinese and middle Chinese and its standard forms are Standard Mandarin and Standard Cantonese.

4- Lithuanian (5000 years old)


Source- omniglot.com

Lithuanian is said to be one of the oldest languages in the entire world. Lithuanian handles as an official language of the Republic of Lithuania whereas it is also one of the official languages of the Europen Union. In Lithuania, approximately 2.8 million people speak the Lithuanian language and approximately 200,000 foreigners speak this language. It is the identified minority language in Poland. It gave birth to different modern languages like German, English & Italian.

3- Egyptian (5000 years old)


Source- gapyear.com

The Egyptian language is the most spoken language in Egypt and Egyptian Coptic is the oldest autochthonous language of Egypt. In the 17th  century, the Coptic language was virtually deceased whereas it is also residue in need as the ritualistic language. The language also divides into many historical divisions like Old Egyptian, Middle Egyptian, Archaic Egyptian, Late Egyptian, Demotic, and Coptic. The spoken Coptic language was first developed by the Ptolemaic period. On the stone, the text of the Egyptian language was most written, the majority in hieroglyphs.

2- Sanskrit (5000 years old)


Source- thestatesman.com

Sanskrit is the ancient Indian language that can be spoken by Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is a very difficult language that is why you can’t learn this language in a single month. This is one of the oldest known languages in the world. It can be heard that Sanskrit holds the base for a few European languages. This amazing language is still one of the official languages of India. After the Tamil language, it is also a broadly spoken language.

1- Tamil (5000 years old)


Source- newindianexpress.com


It is one of the classical languages in the world that are still used in the modern world in different types of countries or states. Tamil is considered to be the official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore and this language is also the official language of the Tamil Nadu, the Indian state. In Mauritius, Malaysia, and South Africa it is also popular as the minority language. The language is spoken by approximately 80 million people across the world.

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