Weird Flowers: Everyone wants to grow flowers in our garden. Flowers are a very beautiful presentation of nature. They are very beautiful and fragrant. Their fragrance is too amazing! But there are also some flowers which are present in the entire world which is very weird and unique.
Today, I’m going to talk about the Top-10 Most Weird Flowers in the world. So let us know these Top-10 Most Weird Flowers. I already posted its first part so you can check by clicking in the given link below-

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10- Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower


The scientific name of the Corpse flower is Amorphophallus titanum. The specialty of the corpse flower is that its bloom is the largest bloom in the entire world. Its smell is like decaying meat. It is 3 feet broad. It does not contain detectable stems and leaves. It is also referred to as titan arum. When it blooms, it is dark red in color.

9- Black Bat Flower

Black Bat Flower


Black Bat Flower is a very unique and amazing flower in the entire world. The scientific name of the black bat flower is Tacca chantrieri. The flower usually looks like a bat that has long whiskers whose length is up to 28 inches. There is another plant like this which is called the White Bat Plant (Tacca integrifolia). You can grow this flower in both outdoors and indoors. It is dark purple in color and their whiskers are white in color.

8- Parrot Beak

Parrot Beak


The specialty of this flower is it is a very rare flower. Its plant is found in very less amount in the entire world. The flower is looking so unique and its view is very amazing. The scientific name of parrot beak is Lotus berthelotii. It was considered “exceedingly rare” in 1884. The color of this flower is orange-red.

7- Moonflower



Moonflower is a very cute little flower and quite beautiful. The scientific name of Moonflower is Ipomoea alba. The flower is completely white in color and but you can find yellow color in the centre part but in very less amount. Moonflower is also called as white morning-glory and moon vine.
The height of the plant of this flower is 5-30 meter tall including twinning stems. The breadth of this flower is 8-14 cm. The fragrance of the moonflower is quite awesome! The reason behind why it is called moonflower is that it blooms in the evening and the round shape of this flower-like a full moon.

6- Jade Vine

Jade Vine


Jade Vine is a flower that looks like a banana. It is another very beautiful flower. The scientific name of Jade Vine is Strongylodon macrobotrys. Jade Vine is also popular by the name emerald vine and turquoise jade vine. The stem of Jade Vine is approximately 18 m in length. The ordinary name of this flower is Tayabak. The color of this flower is blue-green. In 1841, it was discovered. Its leaves are 25 cm long and it is egg-shaped. The plant can contain more than 75 flowers.

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5- Hoya carnosa

Hoya carnosa

Source- wikipedia

Hoya carnosa is a quite pretty flower, You can also grow this flower in your home in hanging baskets and pots. The flower received the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden merit in the United Kingdom for cultivation. The flower is also called as porcelain flower and wax plant. The fragrance of this flower is so awesome!

4- Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid


This is a very beautiful and amazing flower in the world. Ghost Orchid is also referred to as the Palm Polly and white frog orchid. The scientific name of ghost orchid is Dendrophylax lindenii.  On this flower name, there are numerous books and novels that are published even a movie too called Adaptation. The books based on this flower are Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi and The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean.

3- Happy Alien Plant

Happy Alien Plant


The flower is also referred to as Darwin’s slipper. The reason behind why it is called Happy Alien Plant because it looks like an alien which gives an ordinary smile. The scientific name of the happy alien plant is Calceolaria uniflora. Majorly it is found in Tierra del Fuego in the southern part of South America. Its height is 10cm (4 inches) tall. Darwin’s slipper is yellow, brownish-red, and white in color.

2- Beehive Ginger

Beehive Ginger


Beehive Ginger is a very unique and beautiful flower in the world. Beehive Ginger is a species of true ginger. The scientific name of beehive ginger is Zingiber spectabile. It is used as a medicinal herb in South-East Asia. It is also known as “Ginger Wort” or “Malaysian ginger”. The usual height of this plant is 4.5 meters approximately 15 ft or even more.

1- Toad Lily

Toad Lily


Toad Lily is a very decent and amazing flower in the entire world. It is also known as hairy toad lily. Toad lily is a Japanese species in the lily family. The scientific name of toad lily is Tricyrtis hirta. The leaves of Toad lily are wide and large and it grasping everywhere the stem. The flowers of toad lily are in color whitish to blanched purple including dark purple spots. It is found in central and southern Japan.

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