Unique Flowers: Flowers are the gift of nature. You and me, in fact, everybody likes to grow flowers in our garden. But there are many flowers in the world which is totally unique and different as compared to the other flowers.
That is why I am very like to share those unique flowers with you guys. Today, I’m going to show you the Top-10 most unique flowers in the world. So, let us know about these flowers.

1- Anguloa Uniflora (Swaddled Babies)

Anguloa Uniflora

Source- flickr.com

Anguloa Uniflora is one of the most unique and beautiful flowers in the world. It is large and creamy-white in color. It is generally mature in the summer and spring season. The fragrance of Anguloa Uniflora is so awesome! It looks like a newborn baby.

2- Snapdragon Skulls

Snapdragon skulls

Source- youtube.com

Snapdragon Skull is one of the most creepy flowers in the world. It is also called dragon flowers. When it comes to maturely they look like a beautiful flower but when it dies their beautifulness is deteriorated and appears a skull just like the dragon that’s why it is called the most dangerous flowers in the world.

3- Monkey Orchid

Monkey Orchid

Source- wideopeneats.com

The scientific name of Monkey Orchid is Dracula simia. This flower looks like a monkey that is why it is named as a Monkey Orchid. The flower mature in any season and its fragrance is just like a ripe orange.

4- Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Source- ftd.com

Bird of Paradise is a very beautiful and colorful flower in the world. The flower is outstanding, glorious and exotic by its name. Its scientific name is Strelitzia. It is mature in the month from September to May.

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5- Ballerina Orchid

Ballerina Orchid

Source- twitter.com

Ballerina Orchid is a very rared flower and available in very less amount in the world. It is mostly found in Australia but researchers are highly dedicated to growing Ballerina Orchid again. It is a very small, beautiful and prettiest flowers in the world. The scientific name of Ballerina Orchid is Caladenia melanema. It blooms in the month of August to mid-September.

6- Flying Duck Orchid

Flying Duck Orchid

Source- flickr.com

You can obviously know by its name that Flying Duck Orchid looks like a duck. It is also a very rare flower. It blooms in the month from September to February. It is a very cutest and small flowers and their view is so beautiful. The Scientific name of Flying Duck Orchid is Caleana minor.

7- Psychotria Elata

Psychotria Elata

Source- worldoffloweringplants.com

Psychotria Elata is one of the attractive and impressive flowers in the entire world. It is also popular by its mother’s name called “Hooker’s Lip” or hot lips. It attracts many types of birds viz hummingbird, butterflies as well as men. It is dark red color and white in color and carries the shape of Human lips. It blooms from December to March.

8- Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Source- thriftyfun.com

Bleeding Heart is a very exotic flower in the world. It looks like a pink and white in color and heart in shape. It is very poisonous plants so, never rubbed this flower on your skin because it causes enough skin irritation. It blooms in the spring season. The scientific name of the bleeding heart is Lamprocapnos spectabilis.

9- Candy Cane Sorrel

Candy Cane Sorrel

Source- venenofashion.com

It is a very glorious and charming flower in the world. It is red or white in color and contains the shape of a candy. It generally blooms in the spring season. The scientific name of Candy Cane Sorrel is Oxalis versicolor. It is mostly found in South-Africa.

10- Moonflower


Source- oscseeds.com

Moonflower is a very romantic and beautiful flower in the world but it is a little bit poisonous. It is generally white in color. You can also grow moonflowers in your garden. Its fragrance is awesome! It is opened only in the presence of sunlight.
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