This person made Iron Man suit. Tony Stark will be surely Proud. 

At today’s time, Every people have a great love for all Marvel Superheroes especially towards Iron Man but we all know that it is a science-fiction hero and it does not exist in real life.

Even though we all know that this is fiction hero but we all believe that it is logical and it can be possible in real life, because of this, a man whose name is Adam Savage has designed an Iron Man suit in real life.

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Adam Savage Made Iron Man Suit


Adam Savage is a great fan of Iron Man and his dream was to create a suit that is exactly like the Iron Man and he has succeeded to create it.

Seeing their photos, you may feel like seeing him in many places and some people may have remembered this person. He is a famous inventor of the Discovery channel who used to show their new invention on the Discovery channel.

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Adam Savage Made Iron Man Suit


How he made the Iron Man suit?

Adam Savage wanted to give a look and design similar to the shown in the movie that is why they have made a huge copy of the suit shown in the movie.

Their social purpose is to fly the Iron Man suit at the same height so that if people look at it, Iron Man is flying out of the real. This person was made using a 3D Printer and Titanium. You can watch his video on YouTube.

Adam Savage Made Iron Man Suit


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