Most Dangerous Jobs in the world: Every person had to earn to eat food. Everyday people either male or female go to their jobs for living a peaceful life. Most of them chose easy jobs like working in the office or other professions that they like most. Some of them also can choose a dangerous job that put her life in the danger zone. But can you hear about the most dangerous jobs that people can do? If yes then you’re quite social and if no then you come at the right place. I’m going to share about those dangerous jobs whose fatality rate is so high. In this post, you will learn and knew about The Top-12 Most Dangerous Jobs in the world that risks their life in danger!

Top-10 Most Dangerous Jobs

1- Hyperbaric Welders 7- Roofers
2- Fisherman 8- Ground Maintenance Workers
3- Bull Riders 9- Miners
4- Trash and Recycling Collectors 10- Farmers
5- Lumberjacks 11- Stuntmen and Stuntwomen
6- Veterinarian 12- Police Officers

12- Police Officers

Police Officers


You can at least hear one time in your life that police officers had the most dangerous job but it is not true. It is quite a little dangerous job than that of other jobs that I listed below. And even this job doesn’t come in the Top-10 most dangerous jobs in the world. But this a very difficult and responsible job. Police officers would have to work day and night hardly. Most of the police officers have died from the hand of other people like those who are victims, murderers, and thieves. This is also one of the professions that gets a lot of respect.

11- Stuntmen and Stuntwomen

Stuntmen and Stuntwomen


This is the most hazardous job that people can do and makes their future in this career. In this job either men or women, both can perform their stunts with vehicles like bicycles or cars even some of those can jump from large heights. Also, some actors can perform critical stunts for their movies. Most of the stunts can lead to stunted injuries and even in some cases, deaths can happen.

10- Farmers



Some people think that the job of a farmer is so easy and it could be done by everyone so easily. But it is not just growing vegetables or fruit. Farming is the job where farmers are used big machines, chemical powders for shrinking on the plant because preventing their plants from insects and they can work in sunlight or in extreme weather conditions. In the U.S and in many other countries the job of farmers comes in the list of top-10 most dangerous jobs. Mostly the deaths of the farmer occur from transportation accidents.

9- Miners



Miners are those people who extract the precious minerals from the earth. They extract coal, metals, gemstones, limestone, chalk, potash, clay, and many more. This job can be done from prehistoric times. This is a very deadliest job because explosions from the earth can happen by which many miners died. Most of the deaths happen from explosions but the remaining few are from cave-ins, chemical leaks, fall, heavy load, and fatigue. Some people are unconscious from toxic fumes and even also many died from this. Most of the deaths happen in China because it is the largest mining industry in the world.

8- Ground Maintenance Workers

Ground Maintenance Workers


Ground maintenance workers are those who cleaned the ground and makes the parks and makes houses attractive &fragrant. They remove dead, damaged, or unwanted plants and grow new flowers or plants. This is another most dangerous job. As of 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimation, this is the worker’s tenth most dangerous job. Many of them have died from transportation accidents others have died from falling trees.

7- Roofers



If you didn’t know about roofers then roofers are those people who are esoteric in the construction of the roof. The people who did this job will surely have to physically strong because it includes climbing, heavy lifting, bending, and much more in the difficult type of weather conditions. Metal roofers, Shinglers, Flat roofers, and hot roofers are the four types of roofers. This is one of the most dangerous jobs because in this job you have to continuously work on the roof and their types of equipment are also very high so that you can not lift that easily. You can also require one or more than one person for helping in lifting those types of equipment. Approximately, as of 2016 estimation, there are one hundred roofers are died even some of those died from falling.

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6- Veterinarian



It is shortly known as Vet. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Veterinarians are those persons who treating animals and preventing them from diseases, disorders, and injuries. Some veterinarians are esoteric in surgery, dermatology, and internal medicine. Some vets are prayed from animal bites and infections. Most of them, deaths of vets occur from suicide. The suicide note of those vets is the factors of high-stress financial strain and the emotional hardships which is the vibrant barrier in this job.

5- Lumberjacks



This job is mostly done by North-Americans. Lumberjack is the profession in which workers transported trees by which new forest products are producing like paper, wood, etc. This job is very dangerous because in this job worker chopped a big and tall tree into smaller woods with the help of heavy machines. This job is very creepiest, according to the BLS, in 2016, workers of this job had suffered the most dangerous occupation. Logging workers had the most deaths from falling trees and machinery errors.

4- Trash and Recycling Collectors

Trash and Recycling Collectors


In this job, workers clean our streets and remove unusual products out from the streets like empty bottles, cans, polythene, and many more. This is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world but in the U.S it is the 5th deadliest job. Most of the deaths are happen from vehicles, machines, or falling off from trucks.

3- Bull Rider

Bull Rider


Bull riding is a very famous ride but it is quite risky for those who did this. It is a kind of sport which can constantly grow in Australia and America. Bull Riding is founded in 1992. In bull riding, there are many professionals bull riders who are present in the U.S, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and many more. This job is very scary I don’t know how people can do this? Some bull riders got injured from this job but even many of those died that makes it one of the most dangerous job.

2- Fisherman



I know you are familiar with this job. Some of those would have to do this in your childhood at least once in life. But this profession is very dangerous and also quite interesting. In this job, the fisherman has to collect fish from the sea or river. Its death rate is so high. Many people can die from eaten by big fishes but more of them died from drowning. It is the second most dangerous job in the United States.

1- Hyperbaric Welders

Hyperbaric Welders


It is also known as Underwater Welders. You probably know that electricity and water must be separated from each other. If we mix it then we put our life in danger. But it is the piece of the job for underwater welders. In this job, underwater welders can fix ships, dams, and pipelines, etc. This is the most dangerous job in the entire world. Dry welding is much better than underwater welding. Most of the deaths are happening from drowning and electric shots.

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These are the jobs which are popular and difficult jobs that people take to run their life. I hope you like this! Which one of these Most dangerous Jobs in the world did you like most? How did you feel after reading my post and which topic do you want me to post next? Tell me in the comment section.


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