1- Electricity 6- E-mail
2- Internet 7- Aircraft
3- Light Bulb 8- Mobile Phones
4- Computer 9- The Bar Code
5- Steam Engine 10- Television
Top-10 Amazing Inventions: There are many inventions that are happening in the world but few of them can change our life totally like electricity, mobile phones, television, the internet and many more. You can clearly understand the inventions from given the table above. In this post, today I’m going to talk about the Top-10 Amazing Inventions that changed our way of life. So, let us know about these inventions.

Top-10 Amazing Inventions

10- Television


Source- quotemaster.org

Basically, it is a medium or source by which we can connect with the latest news or pieces of information in the entire world. Television or shortly known as ‘T.V’ was seen from many years ago when the ancestors are used CDs, video cassettes, DVDs and many more but now it is quite easy we just have to on the switch and a few processes of the connecting network. This is the great invention that we used today. It is now available in every house, institutions, offices, schools, universities, and many more.

9- The Bar Code

The Bar Code

Source- wired.com

In the United States, it was first originated by Norman Joseph Woodland. This is one of the codes that we have seen in every grocery store. This looks like a quite good although you can say this is very tedious. It looks like a black and white line with some numbers.

8- Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Source- nationalheraldindia.com

It can’t happen if we talk about great inventions and we don’t take the name of mobile phones. Mobile Phones are used in the entire world, over 5 billion people used mobile now. This phenomenon is increased day by day. We can communicate with our friends by using mobile like calling, send text messages, and many more. Many applications are also used for communicating in the entire world like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more.

7- Aircraft


Source- unsplash.com

Can you imagine that if the aircraft were not invented, How can we travel the world? How can the international Presidential meetings of different countries happen?  How can we see the 7 wonders of the world? Is it possible in less time then the answer is No! Never! If the invention of aircraft has not happened then everyone can reach their destination in many days so thank you the Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur Wright) that you invented aircraft so that we reached our destination in few hours.

6- E-mail


Source- litmus.com

E-mail brings either good or bad news as a communication nature. As you know that the full form of E-mail is Electronic Mail. When the invention of e-mail is not held, the basic communications of companies are quite difficult but after that, it becomes very easy. The owners of different types of business and the student’s communication nature are quite easy by the invention of e-mail. They can communicate with each other in minutes or seconds.

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5- Steam Engine

Steam Engine

Source- bloomberg.com

Steam Engine is the prodigious invention that we have seen today. It performs mechanical work by using steam as a fluid. Its efficiency is so high. Steam Engine brings very changes in our day to day life in a little time period in the civilization’s history. Numerous power plants which are present in the entire world generates electricity by using steam turbines.

4- Computer


Source- indiamart.com

It also comes in the few immense inventions that changed our way of life. Basically, it is a machine that carries several programs. It is a vast invention that changed our lives in numerous ways. It can be simplified our complicated work in a very simple way. We can’t imagine our life without computers because it carries out much information about our daily work, online jobs, office work, school works, railways and many more that is why we never dreamed about our life without computers.

3- Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Source- tdworld.com

As you know that the credit of inventing the incandescent light bulb is in the hands of Thomas Edison. This is the great and miserable invention in our daily life without the light bulb, we can’t imagine to survive. It is both our necessity and compulsion. By the way, the moon provides us the light but it is not enough in the dark area. We surely have to use a light bulb because without that it is quite impossible to do some important work at night.

2- Internet



The Internet is a quite interesting facility which we use in our day to day life, we started using the internet many years ago for our need but today it plays a very important role in our life. You can also say that the internet becomes a necessity today. Without using the internet we are not able to do some important works like online business, online studies, and many more. Today’s generation totally depends on the Internet because of their essential works like online shopping, studies, watching necessary videos on YouTube, online marketing, and many more. We can say that without the internet, we shall destroy in our works.

1- Electricity


Source- vox.com

Electricity is one of the great inventions that we used today and it is the most famed invention that anyone can ever do. If the invention of electricity has not happened then imagine what we have today and which type of essentials we used today. We are not able to activate T.V, computers, air conditions, microwaves, light, etc.

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So these are the great inventions that totally changed our way of life. I hope you like this! Which one of these inventions did you like most? How did you feel after reading my post and which topic do you want me to post next? Tell me in the Comment Section below.

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